The sea squirrels are descended from the marmots that live 10 milllion years from now. They are 3 meters and a half long with a deadly pair of jaws. They are generalists they eat anything they can catch from sea bats and blacks sharks to sharkotunas. When a group of sea bats are diving in the water to catch som sardines. It turns into trouble the sea squirrels detect them they dive through the fish swallowing the fish down and then target the sea bats. But the sea bats have a way of defending there selves they on top of the squirrels to hide from the squirrels but the squirrels have a counter attack they just turn upside down and the sea bats need to go surface and breath and the squirrels come in and bite then but the squirrels can injure or even kill a sea squirrel but the squirre's ferocious bite broked the back and had a meal.